KOHLER Revolution 360 Flush Technology

KOHLER Revolution 360 Flush TechnologyToilets are an essential part of any building, albeit they seldom get as much attention as they should. Typically, people focus on other aspects of the bathroom during rebuilds or innovations, such as the size, color, and even material used. However, considering that the toilet is the integral part of the bathroom (and, next to the sink, is the most used amenity), it is only proper to eb particular about which toilet model to install in your bathroom.

If you have at one point struggled with using a plunger in an effort to fix a clogged toilet, or if you have ever been frustrated over how easily your toilet gets dirty, then it is probably high time for you to switch to a better toilet model.

One recently released toilet feature which is worth looking for in your next toilet model is the Kohler revolution 360 flush technology. We will discuss this feature in greater detail below in order to help you determine whether or not you need to invest in a toilet equipped with this feature.

What exactly is the Kohler revolution 360 flush technology?

The Kohler revolution 360 flushing technology is a new innovation introduced by Kohler into its toilet models. In late 2017, the company launched this new feature in an attempt to cater to the increasing demands of consumers with regard to flush performance on the one hand and toilet cleanliness on the other. The Kohler revolution 360 flushing technology was designed specifically to address these two main concerns.

The Kohler revolution 360 flush technology is dubbed to be the most complete flush developed, not merely by Kohler but by toilet manufacturers in general. This flush technology is operated using Kohler’s signature and patented AquaPiston canister technology. This technology ensures that the water flowing out of the tank does so at 360 degrees, thereby increasing not only the power but also the effectiveness of each flush. What happens is that the water is released from the tank via a single powerful jet and then swirls around the toilet bowl. This is different from the typical flushing action wherein the water just flows straight down. This 360 degrees swirling action cleans the bowl more effectively than conventional flushing systems. In an effort to provide a complete rinsing solution for toilet bowls, Kohler’s engaged a team of its engineers to use Computational Fluid Dynamics just to perfect the revolution 360 flush technology.

The Kohler revolution 360 flush technology being a new feature, it was released alongside a new toilet model – the Corbelle. There are two variations of the Corbelle, both of which carry the same innovative flushing technology. The Corbelle was design to be sleek and smooth. It also features a smooth and skirted trapway which makes cleaning a lot easier – certainly a formidable combination alongside the Kohler revolution 360 flush technology. In addition, the Corbelle also boasts the CleanCoat surface technology, a type of ultra-thin protective layer which makes the surface of the toilet bowl easier to clean considering that the layer repels both water and dirt.

What are the benefits of the Kohler revolution 360 flush technology?

KOHLER Revolution 360 Flush TechnologyThis new feature introduced by Kohler in its Corbelle line may sound fancy, but the question remains: what tangible benefits will homeowners gain from this particular model? Here are some benefits of this newest development from Kohler.

  1. It helps saves water. Given the added flushing power of the Kohler revolution 360 flush technology, it is easier to flush down waste down the toilet, allowing homeowners to save on their water bill. In addition, the unique features of the Kohler revolution 360 flush technology ensure that the toilet bowl does not clog easily, so one does not need to use copious amounts of water just to flush the toilet properly or just to get rid of clogs.
  2. It helps keep the toilet clean. Another unique feature of the Kohler revolution 360 technology is its cleaning power. Coupled with the power of the AquaPiston canister, the unique swirling action of the Kohler revolution 360 flush technology ensures that no dirt or debris is stuck on the surface of the toilet bowl. Add this to the CleanCoat surface of the Corbelle, homeowners can be sure that their toilet is cleaned more thoroughly with each flush and, at the same time, stays cleaner for a longer period of time.
  3. It makes the toilet bowl easier to maintain. Since the Kohler revolution 360 flush technology makes it very difficult for the toilet to get clogged, homeowners can save on the upkeep and maintenance of their bathroom facilities. If you have ever shelled out money on enlisting the services of a plumber because of a toilet clog or, worse, if you ever had to replace your toilet bowl entirely because it keeps clogging, then purchasing a toilet with this feature might very well be the most practical solution for you.

Why trust Kohler?

Kohler was established in 1873 and has long since made a name for itself in terms of manufacturing kitchen and bath products, among others. Being a global leader in terms of providing affordable yet durable bathroom amenities, it is a well-liked and well-trusted brand among home and building owners. The company has consistently put out high-quality products in the market, so their wide range of toilets with various features is your best bet if you still have not made up your mind as to what model to get.

The Kohler revolution 360 flush technology might sound like luxury, but it is in fact a good investment for home and business owners alike. The added expense is well worth it, considering the savings in terms of water bill, as well as upkeep and maintenance. Purchasing a toilet equipped with this feature is a good option for individuals who want their bathrooms to be as low-maintenance as possible, without sacrificing style, quality, and most especially, cleanliness. That said, if you are scouting for a toilet replacement, then the Corbelle with the Kohler revolution 360 flush technology is a good place to start.