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7 Wondrous Futuristic Technologies

In the recent past, numerous technologies have been invented in the world. With the rate of technological innovations and change in the current times, it is clear that more innovations and improvement of the current technologies will take place in the future.

What are some of the Wondrous Futuristic Technologies?

As technology becomes intense, many changes will take place in the way that the world operates. Different technological innovations will be put in place to change the way in which we perform different tasks today. Some of such technology include:

1. Vertical and On-buildings Farming

Wondrous Futuristic TechnologiesUrbanization has taken control of the world. This has resulted to loss of tracts of land in building large houses, roads, and other structures. In places such as Amsterdam, Netherlands, vertical and on-buildings farming has already been introduced. Many countries are also looking forward to put this practice in place in a bid to increase the level of agricultural production.

2. Interplanetary Internet

7 Wondrous Futuristic TechnologiesCurrently, the internet is only limited for usage on the planet earth. By 2030, researchers predict that internet will be available in Mars. With the current rate of astronomy and space exploration, it is clear that internet will spread to other planets in the near future.

3. Anti-aging Intervention

7 Wondrous Futuristic TechnologiesIn the 20th and 21st century, plastic surgery and cosmetics have been used to prevent aging. However, these technology normally focus on the skin alone. Currently, gerontologists are conducting constant researches in order to alter and influence the genetics of the future generations. Change in diet and other lifestyles will be used in the anti-aging intervention.

4. Autonomous Robots Soldiers

7 Wondrous Futuristic TechnologiesThe current rate of terrorism is raising an alarm. Many nations have opted for the development of robots to for inclusion in several military missions. The robot soldiers are preferred to live soldiers as they can enhance life-saving in deadly missions. Thus, the future robot soldiers will likely be autonomous and allowed to conduct missions on their own.

5. Electric Fueled Vehicles

7 Wondrous Futuristic Technologies

This technology has already been tested and approved in nations such as Norway and Germany. However, many people have not accepted it. Thus, some have both an electric and a petro car. With the increase in environmental degradation as a result of road transport, electric fueled vehicles prove to be the future of the world.

6. Smart Glasses for Window, Doors, and Car Window Panes

7 Wondrous Futuristic TechnologiesThis technology will aim at preventing the UV rays that could be on the risk of increasing in the near future. Smart glasses will also enhance energy-efficient homes as they will utilize little energy to light a room immensely. Smart glasses will also be enhanced with the ability to harness solar energy.

7. Household Robots

7 Wondrous Futuristic Technologies

User-friendly household robots are expected to be developed within the next two decades. These robots will be designed to socialize and interact with people, perform human tasks and chores, and receive wordy instruction from their owners. They will be used in homes, workplaces, or restaurants.


The future holds a lot of technological innovations. These technologies will make the current tasks easy to perform. At the same time, they will improve the quality of life as well as reduce the bills and other costs that are incurred for various purposes.

6 Wonders You Don’t Know About Microchip Implant

Microchips have grown very popular among many countries. They are used by both people and animals for various purposes. It is expected that by 2020, everyone in the US will be have a microchip.

What are the Facts that You Scarcelyknow about Microchip Implant?

Microchips are associated with various purposes including: identification, registration of people and pets, in devices, and for monetary purposes. Many people have, therefore, embraced the use of microchips and replaced the old ways with them. The following are some facts about microchips that you probably do not know:

1. Microchips do not Carry Human Information

Wonders You Don't Know About Microchip ImplantYou can use a microchip to collect and send data or to store your data. Many people have been fitted with this technology in order to make life easier in purposes such as banking, regulated access, and military purposes.

Many people fear that a microchip will carry their personal and body information. However, a microchip does not carry such information. It cannot disclose one’s body health as well as psychological or physiological information.

2. It is Important to Register your Microchip

This applies to pet microchips. The pet microchips have unique codes which are linked to them. It is important to register your pet’s microchip and to link it with your personal information. Failure to register your microchip and to link it with your personal information may result in failure to retrace your pet if it gets lost.

3. Microchips are not GPS Systems

Wonders You Don't Know About Microchip ImplantMany people view microchips as GPS trackers. Thus, they feel that they can retrace their lost pets, armaments, or any other thing with it. However, a microchip is not a GPS tracker. Instead, it uses its code to transmit the information on its location.

Therefore, you should be sure to register your microchip and to link it with your information. This will help you in retracing a lost item. All you will need is to have a scanner and to be in the area where you suspect that the item got lost.

4. You should Keep Your Microchip Up-to-date

Linking your microchip with your contact information is not all that is required for safety of your items or money. Always be sure to update the information especially when you increase your belongings or when you change some necessary details. Microchips database companies can help you in updating your microchip.

5. A Microchip can Move from Where it was InsertedWonders You Don't Know About Microchip Implant

Whether inserted into a pet or the body of a human being, a microchip can relocate itself to a different area. In case it moves, it can fail to display the required information or to update. However, this condition is very rare because microchips are always inserted in organs which have tight skins and less muscle.

6. Microchips are Coated with Special Glass

After the introduction of microchips in the 1960s, the Federal government discouraged them soon after as a result of their reaction with the body skin and organs. This led to development of special glass to coat the chips by the microchip developing companies. This glass allows the passage of the wanted information while it prevents any adverse chip’s reaction with the body.


Microchips usage represents advancement in technology. They are currently used in many purposes such as: inserting them in human beings, devices, and pets. A microchip collects and sends data from its location to the required place. This helps in performing different necessary tasks in life.