Best Car Theft Prevention Tips

Best Car Theft Prevention TipsIt is paramount that you keep your car safe from theft. It increases the length of car usage which eventually translates into the value of the money used to buy the car. At the same time, it gives meaning to all the effort that you have made in acquiring your car.

How can You Prevent Car Theft?

Over the years, technology has supplied numerous means through which you can ensure the safety of the car. This has helped many car owners to retain their cars for as long as they want to. The following are some tips on how you can be able to prevent car theft while driving or while at the parking garage.

1. Keep all Car Doors Locked at all Times

At times when you are in a hurry, you may forget to close the doors of your car. This has been a tendency of many people especially at car parks or at workplaces. However, you should be aware that, burglars and thieves can be anywhere.

They may learn your normal tendency to leave the doors of your car open. Eventually, they may follow you to your workplace or parking and take control of your car after you exit it. Also, ensure that the doors are locked well while you are driving your car in order to prevent robbery.Thus, it is essential for you to always keep the doors of your car closed at all times.

2. Do not Leave the Car Keys behind at the Parking

People have a tendency of leaving their car keys fixed in the lock. This gives a car thief the easiest task in stealing your car. Thus, be sure to lock your car regularly and carry the keys with you everywhere you go.

3. Do not Leave Your Car with a Running Engine

Best Car Theft Prevention TipsWhether in a hurry or not, always stop the engine and lock your car before leaving it behind. At times, you may be in a hurry to purchase fast foods or to attend ATM. However, do not compromise the safety of your car for whatever purpose.

4. Install a Car Anti-theft Device

There is a wide variety of car anti-theft devices which are used to ensure the safety of cars. Some of these devices are conversant with strangers who attempt to operate cars without permission. Thus, they usually block pedals and the steering wheel to prevent any movement or control. Others have notification systems that notify the owner when someone attempts to operate their car.

5. Always Close the Car Windows and Repair the Faulty Ones

“Smart” car thieves normally use insert their hands through the window where they can be able to open the doors or manually start the engine. This makes it easy for them to steal cars without letting anybody notice them. The only way to discourage them is by ensuring that your car windows are always closed.

6. Install a Car Alarm

Alarms come with different types. Some are enhanced with audible while others are enhanced with notification systems. The audible alarm attracts attention towards the scene happening to your car. This scares off any person who is after your car. Notification system alarms send a notification message to the owner who responds abruptly to check the situation.


Car theft can be effectively controlled. Through simple tasks such as closing the car windows and doors, carrying your car’s keys, and closing the doors while driving ensures that your car is always safe from theft. You may also prefer using tracking systems such as Lo-jack hack. Such a system will help you in tracking your car in case it is stolen in future.

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